Shanghai First Impressions

We were on our feet for 8 hours yesterday, we started out at 8 a.m walking along the Bund (the old European boardwalk). The weather is very smoggy and hot (about 26 C). We had street food for breakfast : Chive and coriander crepes (about 25 cents each), there are many vendors along the street where out hostel is and having tried them last year, we were more eager to skip the western style breakfast served at the hostel for about 3 bucks.
We spent most of the morning wandering around "Old Town", kind of like the equivalent of Vieux Quebec. We waited in line for 1 hour to try some famous pork dumplings for lunch. We skipped out on the chick skewers, yes little baby chicken carcasses charred on a bbq. The thing that made me laugh the most about these is the posters of cute little chicks that they had up on the wall, as if that would inspire us to eat them.
We went to an antique market and a bird and insect market in the afternoon. The bird and insect market was crazy. We learned that people collect crickets as pets, and there were lots and lots of them, the whole market chirps, you can buy little decorative cages for them, and special brushes to poke them with.
We had dinner in a little street restaurant, fried eggplant, sizzling beef (beef served on a sizzling cast iron pan, kind of like fajitas at Mexicali Rosas) , fried rice, steamed rice and two pepsis for about 6$. It was great, but we had to overcome the absolutely disgusting settings of the restaurant (I do not use the word disgusting lightly). When we first sat down we were the only people there (which I believe makes us very brave), later on more people had entered. At one point, a little boy got up to ask for a washroom and the owner sent him outside to pee off the steps of the restaurant.
We were so tired at this point and we hit our bunk bed at about 7:30 and slept a full 12 hours.

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