Fried Eel in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is pretty peaceful, considering there are 6 million people living here. Our hostel is a 30 second walk to West Lake. We rented bikes and spent the morning biking around the lake dodging the hundred of tourists that were already around by 8 a.m.
Last night we sought out a famous noodle restaurant for dinner. The last time I encountered eel, I had actually bought it to make sushi, and then called out my parents and others when they didn't want to try it (but secretly I didn't eat any of it myself until Yann figured me out). We read that the specialty at this restaurant was the shrimp and fried eel noodles, so I promptly ordered them while Yann stuck to something more usual. Of course as soon as they arrived I realised I really really didn't want to eat the eel and I was stuck listening to Yann make fun of me (deservedly). Anyways the eel is pictured below (its the brown stuff) and its actually delicious and I ate the whole bowl, so good for me! Ha!


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