Day on the Train

Our hard-sleeper tickets arrived at the hotel yesterday afternoon, we are heading to Yichang tonight, a 25 hour train ride. We discovered a grocery store yesterday! This was wonderful because we purchased all our food for the train ride, for a little lessl than 7 dollars. The grocery store is called Carrefour, I'm guessing French ownership? We wont have the luxury of huge western style grocery stores where we are heading next.
We are still debating whether to take the Yangtze River cruise, its a 3 day trip upriver. Yann's main concern is being on a dirty unsafe boat for 3 days, my main concern is the price. The trip will cost us about 200$ U.S and that doesn't include meals or admission to any of the stops along the way. However, many of the areas will disappear after the flooding of the Yangtze I think it just might be worth it.


Janice The said...
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Janice The said...

200$ US!!! Per person? Although considering it being a 3 day trip, and the view you'll get, it may be worth it.
So glad you guys are having fun!! :-)

Melanie said...

Tu as raison, Carrefour est une chaîne de grand magasin en France, un peu comme IGA, Metro, etc, au Québec.
Ça doit changer de pouvoir acheter des produits en sachant ce que c'est... ;)

Bon courage pour le voyage en train !!

joel said...

I suggest that you follow the advice of the helpful man who commented on your post about the eels. I'm sure that you'll be able to afford 10 boat trips in no time at all :-).