Leaving Shanghai

We spent the last few days in Shanghai exploring tourist spots. To answer my dad's question. Our dinner host Laura is the best friend of one of my (Emilie) classmates Qun from McGill (actually my officemate). They are both from the same hometown and Qun was excited to hook us up in Shanghai. Laura is an English teacher and her English is great. As Yann already mentioned, she was adamant that in China you eat real Chinese food, and was not impressed with my reluctance to order fish head soup.
The temperatures here are hotter than we expected, around 30 C. Our hostel was very damp so we've felt pretty sticky. That, however, has not prevented Yann from not showering for the past few days. I made the bone-headed move of deciding to dry my wet clothes in our small bedroom, the humidity didn't go away for days.
Our highlights of Shanghai: Old town, The Bund, Street vendor breakfasts
Our lowlights of Shanghai: Our hostel roommate who woke us up everynight at 4 a.m. returning from the bars, the traffic (not as bad as Beijing), the shopping malls, the western food

So we got up early this morning to take a short train ride to Hangzhou, the home of the "very famous" West Lake. We will spend two days here for Yann to rest his back (hostel beds = not good) then we will take a 25 hour train to Yichang, the gateway to the Three Gorges Dam. We will then re-open the debate about boat travel, to see if I can convince Yann to take a "cruise" up the Yangze River!

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