Flight to China

Ok, I think I have pretty much overcome my fear of flying. I made it through three take-offs and three landings. Although on the landing in to Shanghai, I decided that the wing was on fire (fog). Of course, as Yann pointed out, despite this, my action was just to close the window and close my eyes. Our flight from Toronto was slightly delayed cause of bad weather in Chicago, too windy.
Our 13 hour flight to Tokyo was pretty awesome cause I would say it was no more than 1/4 full. Each passenger had a row of seats to lay down on, it was a huge double decker 747 too. We arrived in Shanghai at about 9:30 p.m., by the time we arrived downtown it was about 11:15 and then we walked for an hour to our hostel, since we had just missed the last metro. The hostel is booming at all hours of the night, the beer is cheap and the internet is free.

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