Sichuan-Tibet Highway

We decided to tackle Sichuan-Tibet highway as a longer route to Yunnan province. We had been warned about potential road closures due to the approaching winter and the altitude reaching 5000m, but we felt that we should be fine in early November, and we didn't mind having to backtrack. The first leg of the journey was an 8 hour bus ride to Kanding, a town with a population of about 80,000 where we spent two days. We started to see the Tibetan influences here, as many people no longer speak Chinese and dress in traditional Tibetan clothing.
We met another British couple on the way here and we are now together in a nice dorm room. Yann and I were keen to try our first cup of butter tea, which you saw me trying in the photo. It is somewhat awful, tastes like a cup of melted butter with about a pinch of tea and a spoonful of sour milk. We invited every foreigner in our hotel to come share our tea with us, but we still didn't manage to empty the pot.
The atmosphere in Kanding was very relaxed so we stayed a couple of days even though there weren't too many sites to visit. Seeing the young monks at the monastery was a nice experience, we saw that most of them are little kids or teenagers that just want to goof-off like the other kids. It seems like a difficult life and most of them are placed there by their parents when they are very young.
The next part of our journey brought us to Litang, an absolutely wonderful place, you will hear more about it once we get a chance to absorb everything that we have experienced in the past three days...

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