One Month!

Today we celebrated our one month anniversary of being on the road. We had a pot of yak butter tea and "special Tibetan cheese".
Yann and Em's highlight of the month : Horse trekking
Thank you to everyone who has been reading and sending us encouragement. We can't respond to comments right now due to the Chinese firewalls but please keep sending them!


mom said...

Congratulations on a great start to your big adventure. Grandma is reading your blogs at her friends place. His computer is too slow for the pictures so she will read them when she comes here.

mom said...

Your pictures of Tibet are stunning. They look like something in National Geographic.

Super-Mario said...

Cette série de photos est l’une des plus belles. Les photos sur les chevaux et des montagnes sont très belles. Les photos de vos guides et des tibétaines pourraient se classer dans des concours de photos.

Ne lâchez pas!

Je vous aime