Best (and Worst) of Uzbekistan

This is our choices for the best and worst moments of our 18 days in Uzbekistan. We've also put together a gallery of our favourite photos which you can visit here here.

Our FAVOURITE Monuments
According to Yann:
1- The Registan, Samarkand
2- Stubby Minaret (Kalta Minor), Khiva
3- Alisher Navoi Ballet and Opera House, Tashkent
According to Emilie:
1- Sharh-i-Zindah, Samarkand
2- Fat Minaret (Kalta Minor), Khiva
3- Kalon Minaret and Mosque, Bukhara

Our FAVOURITE Tourist Activities
According to Yann:
1- Ballets and operas, Tashkent
2- Travelling by train, in 'coupe' class
According to Emilie:
1- Climbing to the top of minarets for great views
2- Ballets and operas, Tashkent
3- Watching wedding parties line up for photos at the Amir Temur statue, Shakrisabz
4- Khiva by night

The BIGGEST Hassles
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Negotiating reasonable transport costs
2- Registration (almost impossible if staying in private homes)
3- Absense of ATMs
4- Tight currency controls entering and leaving the country
5- Random police checks on tourists (Tashkent)
6- Queuing, or lack thereof
7- Getting the Uzbek visa
8- Uzbekistan Airways and Tashkent International Airport

According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Palov (rice pilaf), especially with chickpeas and raisins in it
2- Mayonnaise-filled Russian style salads
3- Fresh naan bread
4- Korean salads
5- Fresh, unpasteurized cheese

According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Mutton fat, especially floating in soup
2- Bad palov (such a bummer)
3- Overpriced tourist food

FAVOURITE Turquoise Domes
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Triples domes, Dorut Tilyovat Complex, Shakrisabz
2- Quadruple domes, Char Minar, Bukhara
3- Huge dome, Bibi Khanym Mosque, Samarkand

For those interested in our expenses, we have updated our homepage with our financial information for Uzbekistan, it is available here

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