Best (and Worst) of Laos

Here we have some of our best and worst moments of our time in Laos, again we've put together a gallery of our favourite photos which you can visit if you want the condensed version. The gallery is available here.

1- Akha, Lahu and Hmong villages (near Vieng Phou Kha)
2- Luang Prabang
3- Vientiane

LEAST Interesting Places
1- Vang Vieng (unless you really love watching Friends reruns)
2- Bus trip from Vientiane to Vietnam (evil!!!!)

1-Price of the Nam Ou River boat from Muang Kwa to Muang Ngoi
2-Huge number of Western restaurants on the backpacker circuit

1- Lao cold rice salad with egg and mysterious (possibly raw) meat
2- Mangosteen salad and sticky rice dipped in spicy green chili sauce
3- Lao coffee (extra strong) with a load of condensed milk (once you get used to it)
Honourable Mention: Fresh baguettes

LEAST Delicious Foods
1- Lao coffee (extra strong) with a load of condensed milk (your first few cups)
2- Banana flowers (bitter)

BEST Places to do Nothing
1- Oudom Xay (take advantage of the great value for money)
2- Vientiane

We have updated our homepage with our financial information for Laos. For those of you who are curious about our expenses it is available at here.

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