Best (and Worst) of China

Here we have some of our best and worst moments of our time in China, we've also put together a gallery of our favourite photos which you can visit if you don't feel like ploughing through our gazillion photos. The gallery is available here.

According to Yann:
1- Beijing
2- Litang and Yuanyang
3- Pingyao
According to Emilie:
1- Litang
2- Beijing
3- Yuanyang

According to Yann:
According to Emilie:

FUNNEST Activities
According to Yann:
1- Horse trekking in Songpan
2- Visiting nomadic monastery festival in Litang
3- Trekking through Yuanyang rice terraces
According to Emilie:
Same choices, possibly in different orders

According to Yann:
1- Mongolian hotpot
2- Peking duck
3- Spicy Sichuan BBQ (especially in Chengdu)
According to Emilie:
1- Dumplings of all kinds (steamed and pork-filled, deep fried momos (Tibetan yak dumplings), friend and chive-filled...)
2- Breads (Tibetan flat bread, fried breakfast bread, muslim flat bread...)
3- Spicy Sichuan BBQ (easy on the spicy)

LEAST Delicious Foods
According to Yann:
1- Herb-filled steamed dumplings
2- Chongqing hotpot
3- Instant noodles (three days in a row on Yangtze boat cruise)
According to Emilie:
1- Soup with cockroach floating in it (ok, didn't have this in China, had it at Chinese buffet in Montreal)
2- Stewed pig interestines
3- Butter tea

BEST Views from a Bus
According to Yann and Emilie:
Kanding to Litang (2 pass over 4500m)

According to Yann and Emilie:
Daocheng to Shangrila

BEST Accomodation
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- The Mis Hostel, Chengdu
2- Cloudland Hostel, Kunming
3- Lijiang Youth Hostel, Lijiang

WORST Accomodation:
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Some hotel in Ruili (so bad that we have repressed its name from our memory)
2- Train-station Hotel, Yichang
3- Some brothel in Jianshui

In addition we have updated our homepage (wiki) with our finance information for China which is available here and a page with the web page of people we met on our trip in China which is available here.


Geneviève said...

hey guys. we miss you here in montreal. it's very exciting, everything you're doing!! lâchez pas!

gen xxx

2par4 said...

"If you look like your passport photo, you're too ill to travel." -- Will Kommen

Margox said...

Hey! My first post! Just had to say that that comment about the cockroach at Buffet du Jade made me LOL at work!

Margox said...

Oops! I mean, during my break, of course!