Bologna Afternoon

On one of our last days in Italy, we accompanied Yann's dad Mario to Bologna on a business trip. Most of our visit was actually spent visiting a university hospital where Mario was meeting a colleague. We were given a guided tour of the hospital, which included a visit of the impressive collection of old books and images of early medical practices. We especially liked the mural depicting life in the New World, complete with a baby being chased by an alligator. We left Yann's parents and took a bus into the Bologna city centre for a pleasant uncrowded exploration. With only a few hours to visit, we did typical “old Italian city” activities: we climbed towers (two famous towers and the symbols of the city), we visited the basilica (San Petronio). We finished the day (and our touring of Italy) sitting on a patio in the central square, drinking prosecco with Yann's parents - ending our relaxing two weeks in the country. Thank you to our amazing hosts, Yann's parents Nicole and Mario who we love so much and hosted us so generously while we toured Italy. To Yann's sister Eve, who did most of the planning for our day trips to Florence, Rome, Assisi, Gubbio etc. To her patient husband Mathieu who enthusiastically accompanied us everywhere. And finally to our wonderful nephew Laurier, who did his best not to cry too much while we paraded him around Italy.

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