Best (and Worst) of Cambodia

Here we have some of our best and worst moments of our 16 days in Cambodia, we've also put together a gallery of our favourite photos which you can visit if you don't feel like ploughing through our gazillion photos. The gallery is available here.

According to Yann:
1- Bokor (should of stayed a night in Bokor National Park)
2- Kampot and Kep
3- Angkor Temples (Big Circuit)
According to Emilie:
1- Kampot and Kep
2- Angkor Temples (Big Circuit)
3- Otres Beach, Sihanoukville
According to Margaux:
1- Otres Beach, Sihanoukville
2- More rural places in general
3- Market in Phnom Penh

Most DISSAPOINTING Places/Activities
According to Yann:
1- The town of Kompong Chhnang
2- The town of Battambang
According to Emilie:
1- Our 4WD ride through Bokor National Park
2- Angkor Wat at sunrise
According to Margaux:
1- Slow internet cafes

FUNNEST Activities
According to Yann:
1- Our 4WD ride through Bokor National Park
2- Riding a motorbike around Kampot and Kep
3- Visiting with locals in Kompong Phhluk
According to Emilie:
1- Riding a motorbike around Kampot and Kep
2- Lying in a hammock at Otres Beach
3- Visiting with locals in Kompong Phhluk
4- Cooking class in Battambang (minus the getting sick afterwards)
According to Margaux:
1- Swimming in the ocean and lying in hammocks in Otres Beach
2- Trip to and from Kompong Phhluk
3- Watching and participating in Chinese New Year festivities, Phnom Penh

According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Fish Amok (fish in rich curry coconut sauce)
2- Fresh Kep and Sihanoukville crabs
3- Pancakes with egg and condensed milk
According to Margaux:
1- Chicken Amok
2- Pancakes with egg and condensed milk
3- Coffee milkshakes on the beach

LEAST Delicious Foods
According to Emilie and Yann:
1- Fried grubs (crispy on the outside juicy on the inside)
According to Margaux:
1- Insects, although the tarantula was quite good

THINGS about Cambodia That Stand Out
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Children: selling, begging, anywhere there might be a tourist
2- Checkered scarves: as a sarong (for men only), or a headdress (for women)
3- Harsh climate: the driest, flattest, scorched land we've seen. Along with the skinniest livestock
According to Margaux:
1- The warmth and friendliness of people

For those interested in our expenses, we have updated our homepage with our financial information for Cambodia, it is available here


Anonymous said...

bonjour les deux amoureux,

Nous sommes en ce moment avec Yvan et Rollande (Amis de St-Sauveur) et ils ont parcouru votre site concernant le VIETNAM, car ils veulent y aller bientot et aimeraient bien vous parler un peu avant de partir cet hiver (hiver 2008).

Ils vous envient beaucoup et vous trouvent beaucoup tres courageux (disons qu'ils ne sont pas de votre age. Ils vous disent un gros bonjour et vous embrassent.

Sur ce, je vous embrasse et on vous aime beaucoup beaucoup

La belle matante Denise et mon oncle Raymond,


paradiso(angry) said...

J'aime beaucoup vos "best of"..Ça me fait rire. Votre sens d'humour est magnifique. Il s'améliore plutôt que détériorer à mesure que le voyage se poursuit.


Anonymous said...

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