Best (and Worst) of Vietnam

Here we have some of our best and worst moments of our 33 days in Vietnam INCLUDING Margaux's picks for Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta which she visited along with us. We've also put together a gallery of our favourite photos which you can visit if you don't feel like ploughing through our gazillion photos. The gallery is available here.

According to Yann:
1- Ben Tre
2- Dalat
3- Hue
According to Emilie:
1- Hanoi
2- Ben Tre
3- Hue
According to Margaux:
1- Ben Tre
2- Ho Chi Minh City
3- Homestay in Vinh Long (in particular the hammocks)

According to Yann:
1- Sapa
2- Halong Bay
According to Emilie:
1- Sapa
2- Hoi An
3- Chau Doc (mainly the hotel)
According to Margaux:
1- Chau Doc hotel

FUNNEST Activities
According to Yann:
1- Riding a motorcycle around Dalat
2- Eating dog meat in Ho Chi Minh City
3- Family dinner in Hanoi at our new friend Anh's home
According to Emilie:
1- Eating dog meat in Ho Chi Minh City
2- Family dinner in Hanoi at our new friend Anh's home
3- Homestay in Vinh Long
According to Margaux:
1- Eating
2- Lying in a hammock
3- Riding motorcycles

According to Yann:
1- Vietnamese coffee (the stronger the better)
2- White roses (dumplings stuffed with shrimp a Hoi An specialty)
3- Cao Lau (noodles with sliced pork, another Hoi An specialty)
According to Emilie:
1- Fish sauce (my new favourite condiment, makes anything taste better!)
2- Vietnamese coffee
3- Ice cream from popular local shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
4- White roses
5- Huge fresh crab
According to Margaux:
1- Vietnamese coffee
2- Crab
3- Ice cream
4- Pho Soup
5- Pork chops
6- Lychees
Note from Margaux: Really almost everything was delicious!

LEAST Delicious Foods
According to Yann, Emilie & Margaux:
1- Steamed dog meat with purple dipping sauce
According to Margaux:
2- Sour shrimp soup in Ho Chi Minh City

MOST Annoying Touts
According to Yann and Emilie:
3-Hoi An

THINGS We Might Have Done if We Had More Money
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Stayed in a room at Crazy House in Dalat
2- Bought motorbikes in Hanoi and rode them to Ho Chi Minh City
3- Drank more Vang Dalat (Dalat red wine)
According to Margaux:
1- Try fancier foods, like the giant lobsters or turtle and also eat more crab.

WORST Bus/Boat Rides
According to Yann and Emilie:
1- Vientiane(Laos) to Vinh(Vietnam) (20 hours)
2- Unbearably hot boat ride from Chau Doc (Vietnam) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
3- Dong Ha to Hue (40 minutes, but won't actually bring you to Hue, could involve a 13km walk if you are stubborn enough)
4- Hoi An to Dalat (21 hours, the last 2 being a painfully slow uphill ride)
According to Margaux:
1- Boat ride from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh

If you are curious about our expenses we have updated our homepage with our financial information for Vietnam, it is available here


2par4 said...

We celebrated your Vietnamese lists with a dinner of chicken and tofu roll-ups. Gill did a great job. Mmmmmm....

mom said...

I want my picture to show up like 2par4 and genewewe

Anonymous said...

So, are you guys going to post the best and worst of Cambodia?

Hmm, did I really forget the dog sauce on the worst foods list? it should be #1.

Also, didn't realise that eating dog meat counted as an activity, so if it does, yes I also think it was the most fun we had in Vietnam, although the fact that it was the only time we drank a fair bit may have contributed to that...

Oh, and yes, I want to emphasize how delicious the food was in Vietnam (noticeably more so than in Cambodia), honestly at the end of every meal I was already looking forward to the next one! And really cheap too!