Christmas Food Poll

Since Christmas is fast approaching we are asking our loyal readers to send us their favorite Christmas food item. After many long bus riding hours Yann and I have come up with our top five lists:

1 Mom's turkey stuffing
2 Matante Charlotte's sucre a la creme
3 Dad's left over turkey curry
4 Nicole's seafood fondue with garlic dipping sauce
5 Tree cakes from Stubbe's chocolate shop

1 Fondue chinoise avec sauce a l'ail
2 Farce a Grandmaman
3 Brie fondue au four
4 Carres aux dates
5 Susan's turkey stuffing

Honorable Mentions:
Tiramisu a Matante Chantal, fudge a Matante Denise, Grandma's oatmeal cookies, Aunt Jean and Marg's shortbreads, Gateau avec glacage a l'erable de Grandmaman, Laura Secord mint chocolates, mandarin oranges


mom said...

1 Anything with maple syrup in it.
2 Rack of lamb done on the bar-b-que
3 My mothers butterscotch pie made
from scratch
4 Homemade bake beans either French or
English style
5 Fresh homemade bread or cheese
biscuits dripping with butter

mom said...

I got carried away with that food poll
. I put my favorite foods in general. Favorite Christmas food item would be the complete turkey dinner plate- meat, potatoes ,gravey,turnip, corn, crabberries, stuffing and a warm dinner roll.

Super-Mario said...

vous n'avez pas pensé au RoastBeef de Grand papa Lamontagne.

Un délice!