192$ Visas

We got our Chinese visa yesterday, which we felt was a great deal, 50$ for a 3-month visa. I had read that the 3-month tourist visa wasn't always issued, so we were happy to get it at no extra cost. We then drove over to the Vietnamese embassy, the visa process is a little bit different there. You have to give them the dates you will be in the country, then they issue you a visa for that time period, usually a visa lasting only 1 month. Of course, we have no idea of the exact date we will enter Vietnam, so we applied for a 3-month multiple entry visa. This also allows us to cross the border as many times as we want so that we can visit Laos and Cambodia and then return to Vietnam. We were shocked by the 192$ price tag! After we paid the attendant told us she would throw in an extra month on the visa "just in case" . This leads us to believe that there might be a floating price on this visa. However, we are happy to have it.

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